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Articulate Labs has developed KneeStim(TM), a medical device that helps rehabilitate knees through intelligent application of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to quadriceps musculature during everyday movement. This device may cost-effectively improve mobility and outcomes for those in need of knee rehabilitation, such as those with knee osteoarthritis or a recent knee replacement, by assisting the musculature responsible for shock absorption, weight distribution, and knee extension.

KneeStim uses motion-tracking hardware, patient input, and an on-board operating system to tailor stimulation patterns to each user's gait. Personalizing treatment in this way enables muscle stimulation to occur in concert with regular physical activity, providing strength and re-education gains beyond what passive NMES use or physical activity could do alone.

Additionally, KneeStim monitors joint kinematics and can provide data back to patients and providers through a secure, HIPAA-compliant portal. Measured changes in areas such as stride length, Q-angle, and walking speed may help highlight progress or indicate need for further assistance.

We are expanding our world class team of medical device development and commercialization experts as we pursue a global marketing registration strategy, including seeking FDA marketing approval.

Our devices are development stage, considered experimental and not commercially available for sale at this time. None of the above claims have been verified by the FDA.

We are currently engaged in several case studies and planning additional clinical trials. If you see a possible collaborative opportunity or would just like to hear more about what we're doing, please visit our contact page to let us know. We're excited to put our technology to work.